John Asaro
Three Nudes in ArrangementPurple Blue and GreenFour Dancers in Rhythm Four Figures in ArrangementCinderellaThree Dancers Gray and BlueOrange Quartet #2Twelve Stage LightsDancers Stretching in BlueFirebirdDancer in GoldNude in RoseFour Stage LightsFirebird BalletThree Dancers at RestTwo Dancers in Gray Two Dancers in Blue LightBlack Swan at BarBlending Dancers #2
Dancer Series
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Dancer Series:
John Asaro’s recent paintings capture the life force behind dance, his main focus of the series 100 Dancers. With brilliant fauve colors, his admiration for dancers and their dedication is reflected in his own dedication to capturing the lines and forms of the graceful ballerinas.

He follows them from classroom to stage in various poses of relaxation, performance, contemplation, and even the pain that comes with such passion. On stage or in the classroom, the costumes and lighting are constantly shifting, creating delicate tension between the artists and their environment.

Always listening to the orchestral arrangements as he paints, Asaro’s inspired works are imbued with music. He occasionally finds himself of the same ilk, and dances around his studio, paintbrush in hand with his patient cat as a partner. It’s easy to give yourself up to the captivating essence of dance; John Asaro certainly has.